The Traditional Series PVC Swinging Screen Door

For years, economy screen doors have been produced with low grade and sometimes scrap wood. By manufacturing doors with these materials it became almost inevitable that most these doors would need to be replaced every couple of years, and sometimes yearly! Not to mention, the initial labor required to paint your new door. Well, we have once again taken a product into the 21st century! Introducing the "traditional" PVC swinging screen door! We have designed our door using traditional woodwork styling and combined it with modern PVC materials and construction methods. The result is a traditional styled door with all of the modern advantages of PVC such as: fade resistant colors (no need to paint again, ever!), resistant to rot and mildew, welded corners, and the overall durability vs wood. In addition to all the advantages of PVC we've also added features such as: trimmable stiles and rails up to 3/8" each side, a reinforced top cross bar for attachment of a closing device, and each door has a color matched sweep included!

Make the next time you replace your screen door, the last, with the "traditional" screen door.

Why It's Better

  • Lifetime PVC warranty ensures years of trouble free operation. Won't rot and never needs paint!
  • Heavy-duty 1 1/8" x 2 1/2" extruded PVC frame with welded corner construction ensures door squareness and durability!
  • Door can be trimmed to fit most door openings
  • Adjustable sweet for a bug tight seal
  • Available in 3 standard door sizes
  • Also available in custom sizes
Model Actual Sash Size
NVSCD3080W 29 5/8" x 80"
NVSCD3280W 31 5/8 x 80"
NVSCD3680W 35 5/8 x 80"