About Northview Window & Door, LLC

Northview Window & Door, LLC was founded in 1997 by Mr. David Klimek in Schofield, Wisconsin using 4,000 square feet of leased space. Mr. Klimek had spent the previous 20+ years as a leader in Research and Development with several national window & door manufacturers where he was awarded several patents for innovative products. With the national window manufacturers efforts to develop high quality above grade window products only, Mr. Klimek saw a need to use that same innovation and technology and apply it to below grade products. Using his years of window design knowledge to produce superior products, Northview Windows quickly became the leader in basement window systems.

The "Perma-Buk" product line became the industries first all PVC pour-in-place window system and had the competitors scrambling to keep up. Northview Windows was also one of the first to produce "Custom Sized" basement windows for the remodeling market, which we ship direct to anywhere in the United States. With all of these great products, and great customer service, Northview quickly outgrew the small start-up space and decided in 1999 to move into a larger 22,000 square foot facility in nearby Wausau, Wisconsin. The new facility allowed for production volume increases and the manufacturing space for the addition of several new products such as our utility gliders, and ranch windows. With additional high quality, innovative products, while maintaining superior service, Northview again outgrew its surroundings, and once again moved into a larger facility with 33,000 square feet in 2001.

That larger facility again allowed us to continue to refine the product lines and add more new products such as our PVC barn sash and utility single hung windows, as well as allowing us to continue to grow our customer base. After several years of consistent growth it became clear to Mr. Klimek that Northview needed a new home again, one that would allow for future expansion that could be a permanent home. So in 2006 we built our current 52,000 square foot facility in Marathon City, Wisconsin with ample land to continue to grow. We now have a permanent home which will allow us to focus on our core principals of providing quality, innovative products, with superior service, at affordable prices.

Our products are now available from coast to coast and you can expect Northview Window & Door to continue to be a leader.