PVC Barn Sash

With today's consumer demand for high quality maintenance free products in mind, we set out out create one of the first utility barn sash products which would meet those needs. It would need to be trimmable, durable, and aesthetically correct, while remaining at an afforable cost. Boy, did we achieve those goals!

Introducing the "Traditional" PVC barn sash. We started by using all virgin PVC compounds. We then designed the sash to have equal sized stiles and top rail, with a traditional wider bottom rail. We added a millwork quality profiled glass rabbet on both the sash parts and bars. The sash was designed to be a true divided lite product utilizing individual panes of double strength glass for each lite. We've also made the sash easy to disassemble for easy glass replacement. We then knew that each sash needed to be trimmable for various rough openings, so we added that feature too! Each stile and rail can be trimmed by up to 5/8" to accomplish this. Even with all these industry leading features we are still able to offer our PVC barn sash at a price which rivals even the old outdated wood barn sash.

We offer our PVC barn sash in 5 popular sizes, and if you require a custom size or special lite pattern we will make that as well. Custom sizes are availble up to a max. of 44" in either dimension. Whether Wood or PVC, we are sure you will find our "Traditional Series" barn sash to fill any needs you may have.

Model Glass Size Lite Pattern Actual Sash Size
BS2025W 8 x 10 2 x 2 20" x 25"
BS2229W 9 x 12 2 x 2 22" x 29"
BS2429W 10 x 12 2 x 2 24" x 29"
BS2241W 9 x 12 2 x 3 22" x 41 5/16"
BS3129W 9 x 12 3 x 2 31 5/16" x 29"